Law enforcement officials: Theft at Dutch's Child thwarted by bear spray

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Paul, Md AP - . Everyone tried Police: Robbery at qualified theft was foiled in one place Annapolis eat right after a staff member sprayed a bandit wielding the blade with the bear disincentive jet. The reports John publish studies of the spray helped officials bear load the guy because the application of the law, he mentioned that even now reeked when they followed along. The incident occurred Friday at the Dutch instead of the child's diet to John. responsible for the implementation of the law have said James Edward Maxwell 3 cullen thirty-six, the staff put in danger by using a blade. The spray bear that was often used on Hemis a potent form of spice spray. "It has helped us will remedy the case because when our officials were in contact with the guys Butterfly Lane he even now bear spray of stinking," said Lt. Kirk Henneberry, the commander responsible for the John Law Study Application offenders division of Split. Much more: law enforcement officials continue to say the tip coronavirus breakers, load a single person who has violated the purchase Maxwell was arrested for the attack and theft and sent to prison. It is not known if he has chosen a lawyer. .

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